About purchasing

Q. What goods do you purchase?

Unlike typical buying stores, we purchase gold, jewelry & diamond, and branded products (jewelry, watch, handbag etc.) Please bring your used goods or brand-new goods.

Q. How to sell my luxury items?

From the 3 selling methods: in-store purchase, delivery purchase, in-home service. For further details, please make reference to the other pages on frequently asked questions.

Q. What to prepare before selling?

Please bring one of the 3 IDs or documents below to identify your individual identity.
(1) Citizen ID Card
(2) Passport
(3) Residential Address Proof Document

Q. Why do I need identification?

According to law regulation, when selling, purchasing or trading used goods, an ID card or documents for identifying an individual is needed.


Q. If the battery runs out, should I purchase a new battery before selling it?

Please bring your watch to us without changing the battery
In Nanboya, our in-house watch maintenance specialists will assist to lower the purchase price and cost of maintenance, in pursuance of achieving a higher selling price.

Q. Can I sell a customized luxury watch?

Both evaluation and selling are possible
As having a different standard from a normal watch, the quote after evaluation might fluctuate. We suggest coming to us for evaluation as we provide a free assessment.
*We might refuse to buy if the watch is below our buying standard

Q. Golden watch is considered gold or a watch?

We will evaluate the goods to determine whether to sell them gold or a watch. Please contact us for a free quote and assessment.

Q. For a new watch, how much percentage of the tagged price can you offer?

Instead of evaluating the price according to a certain percentage of the tagged price, we will evaluate according to market demand, product condition, and inventory etc. We can introduce the price through phone, WhatsApp or Email. Moreover, please visit our store for a free quote.

Q. Can I sell a broken luxury watch?

Yes. Since we have our in-house watch specialist, bringing your broken watch here could lower the repairing cost than bring to external watch repair shops. Hence, even when the watch is in a condition that other buying company refused to purchase, we can still buy it at a high price. Please contact us for a free quote and assessment.

Q. Can I sell brands that are not listed on the website?

The brands listed on the website are just examples. We accept all brands and even non-branded watches.

Q. I do not have a Rolex maintenance card in hand, but the watch is brand new, can I bring the Maintenance card afterwards when the card arrived?

We apologize that we cannot purchase all products in this situation. Please bring your watch along with the maintenance card with us.

Q. If the watch does not have designated watch accessories with it, can I still sell it?

If the watch’s condition is fine, the selling price could be still high even the designated accessories are lost.

Q. Where is the Rolex’s protective seal sticker?

It is attached to the sides, back cover and buttons of the box.

Q. Should I sell after maintenance?

We suggest bringing in your watch before maintenance. In Nanboya, our in-house watch specialist will handle the maintenance, such as changing a battery in pursuance of lowering the cost of maintenance and achieving a higher purchase price. Hence, when considering bring your watch to maintenance before coming to Nanboya, we suggest bringing it here to our store directly instead.


Q. Can I still bring in the goods for assessment even without product certification or identification?

We can still evaluate without product certification or identification. Please bring the jewelry for free assessment and quote.
※ In certain situation, we will have to keep the jewelry until receiving the evaluation results. The jewelry will be kept at safety, and we would glad to explain more about the procedure in person.

Q. Can I sell old or used jewelry?

Yes, jewelry is harder to age. The price could be reasonable even after using it for several years, we suggest bringing the jewelry to our store for an assessment.

Q. Instead of selling the whole necklace or ring, can I only sell the jewelry on it?

Yes. We will only purchase bare stone jewelry. As some of the goods of this kind are expensive, please bring in the goods for our assessment.

Q. Is a natural stone bracelet qualified for selling?

We apologize that we do not accept this kind of goods.

Q. Can I bring in the goods for assessment as I am not sure if it considered jewelry?

Yes, we can evaluate. We will provide an assessment according to our standard and we can purchase once it passed the standard.


Q. Can I sell handbags that are not listed on the website or unbranded handbags?

Listed brands on the website are just examples. We accept to purchase unbranded handbags or brands that are not listed on the website.

Q. My handbag is in bad condition that cannot be used, can I still sell it?

We will purchase even other buying companies are refusing due to its condition. Please contact us for a free assessment, we will help to evaluate the handbag’s condition.

Q. I have an aged handbag, can I still sell it?

No matter how aged the handbag is, we will provide assessment and evaluation. We will try our best to provide a higher price, please further contact us for more information.

Q. Can I still sell it even the handbag maintenance card, product box and protection bag are lost?

We accept to purchase even without all these accessories, as most of the branded handbags can tack their own original purchase record.

Q. I have a branded handbag that is not popular and I purchase it in the overseas official store, can I still sell it?

No matter when the handbag was bought, we will still provide an assessment.

Q. Can I sell an empty box and shopping bag of Louis Vuitton or Hermes?

We apologize that we cannot buy empty box and shopping bag of any brands.

About In-store service

Q. Do I need a booking before coming to the store?

Booking is not needed, please come to our store at your convenience.

About In-home service

Q. Can I use the free “In-home purchase” from anywhere in Hong Kong?

Yes. You can use it anywhere, but we may not be able to visit you which
depending on the schedule of our team, your location distance, and the value or
variety of your luxury goods. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Is it possible to choose a specific date and time of In-home purchase?

Yes. Please specify the date and time by consulting with our staff over the phone.
However, the schedule of our team and the value and variety of your luxury goods might
affect the date and time availability.

About Delivery purchase service

Q. In the situation of delivery selling, do I have to bear the shipping cost?

We will bear the shipping cost.

Q. If the return of goods is needed, do I have to bear the shipping cost?

All return goods shipping cost will be bear by us.

Q. How to set up designated bank transfer information while selling?

Please send the goods along with submitting the below information (if there are any missing information, we will call to confirm)

  • Name of the bank to be transferred
  • Name of transfer location
  • Transfer account (Basic/cheque/savings)
  • Account number to be transferred
  • Name of receiver

About Purchase Price

Q. How to determine the purchase price of gold and platinum?

As the market always fluctuates, hence, other using standard calculation method, we will provide higher purchase price usually.

Q. How to determine the purchase price of jewelry?

We evaluate according to the type, quality and condition of the jewelry, as well as the current market price. The jewelry evaluation certification will also be an important factor in our assessment.

Q. How to determine the purchase price of branded goods

We evaluate according to the branded goods’ tagged price and market price as our standard when determining the purchase price, as well as the goods’ conditions (Scratches, discoloration, damage, shape collapse etc.). If the product isn’t brand new but in good condition, we can provide a quote that can match the purchase price of brand-new goods.

Other Questions

Q. Is an assessment fee needed?

We do not charge evaluations and assessment fee, delivery fee and transaction fee.

Q. If the purchase succeeded, how do you settle the payment?

We will pay in cash on the spot.
Under the below special circumstances, we will pay by bank transfer:
– Purchasing price higher than 74,000 HKD
– Delivery purchase

Q. Do you sell products?

Nanboya do not sell products.

Q. If I do not have the warranty card or designated accessories, am I not able to sell it?

No. But the purchase price could be higher with a warranty card and designated accessories.

Q. Do you purchase stained or broken goods?

We will still purchase even the goods are in bad condition unless it is in an extreme case. But with scratches, dirt and damage, the price might decrease. We suggest bringing the goods to our store, using our website or contact us through email for a free assessment (please attach the image of the goods). You can contact us through a phone call for further information.

Q. I’m informed that you cannot accept to purchase my luxury goods

Other than getting in touch with different luxury goods through assessment in person, our team develop our skills and knowledge continuously through auction event and internal buyer testing. If the luxury goods are out of our standard or determined to be replicate product after evaluation, we might refuse to purchase. But of course, our sole rejection does not fully reflect your goods are counterfeit. Please kindly reach out to the store of your goods’ brand for further information on the goods’ details. Thank you for your consideration.

Q. I have sent an inquiry email or WhatsApp but have no reply yet

It might occur due to the system of the corresponding email system. Our reply might be saved in your junk email folder, please kindly check all of your email’s folder.
Other than that, when using a mobile phone for checking WhatsApp, a poor internet signal might reject our WhatsApp reply. Please kindly confirm with your setting, for the convenience of receiving our email reply. If you haven’t received our reply within 24 hours, please call +852 9889 8591 to contact us.

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